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Verbii is an independent self-publishing service that empowers authors with COMPLETE publishing control and an entire team of professional artists turning your book vision into a masterfully designed reality in just 60 days or less.

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Everything You Need to Publish Your Book

From exquisite cover designs to beautiful interior formatting…

Yes, people DO judge a book by its cover! And with this knowledge you’d think more people would get quality designs. Yet few actually do. Just look at the thousands of ‘do it yourself’ jobs and quick buck publishers with libraries full of blotched designs. We’re here to make your book stand out from the crowd by matching your creative vision with our expertise.

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green_up Stunning design options for the cover, stunning layouts and formatting. Verbii managed to take the feelings and vision I had within and bring it to life. green_low
- Dee Shelton

Gorgeous paperback printing and Ebooks digitally mastered for Amazon and iTunes

Nothing can beat the sweet, satisfying fragrance of ‘newness.’ You know, the refreshing scent of a new car, blossoming rose petals, or a perfectly printed book. And while you can’t sniff our ebooks, you sure can relish in their beauty, form and function!

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green_up Thank you Sarah and Sean Patrick for great books that have a great feel. green_low
- Petra Stampfer

Professional editing makes your book shined and polished.

You know your word is your wand. And it’s a mighty powerful one at that! But what if you could make it even better by having masters in the art of editorial refinement supercharge your manuscript with their tiger like prowess and top of the line edits? Verbii editorial services will give you the red carpet author experience. And don’t you worry — you get the final say on every word, sentence and paragraph (in other words, everything!).

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green_up  I'm excited at all the ways the editor was able to voice more clearly what I wanted to say! green_low
- Natalia McPhedran

All rights reserved for you

When you work with Verbii, you keep all rights to your work. That means zero contracts, zero exclusive agreements and zero royalty splits. Plus, you keep every single dime from your book sales.

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green_up You can be my publisher for life! green_low
- Cheryl Andrea McMillan

See What Authors Are Saying About Their Experiences With Verbii

Why Verbii? Shattering the Publishing Paradigm…

The fact is that traditional publishing is a thing of the past. You don’t need a traditional publisher. And you especially don’t need one of their self-publishing imprints. Verbii exposes the real secrets of what’s going on in the publishing industry and what you absolutely must know before publishing your book (tip: don’t fall for the common publishing traps you’re about to discover...)

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green_up Working with Sean and Sarah was much more personal, hands-on, motivating, sincere, and fun than working with either of my other publishers had been! green_low
- Jan Noble

Easy to understand book publishing packages

Verbii’s 3 publishing packages help you to achieve your goals with the utmost simplicity. Whether you want a physical paperback, digital ebook, or even online marketing & promotional training to go along with it, we’ve got a solution for all your needs…

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green_up One of the most pro-active publishers I have interacted with! green_low
- Mark Chew

Meet the Creators of Verbii

Verbii was created by the founders of Älska Publishing - Sarah Prout & Sean Patrick Simpson.  As one of the fastest growing online publishers of personal growth, they represent several inspiring brands and hundreds of authors focused on creating vibrant and creatively fulfilling lives. As published authors themselves, Sean & Sarah discovered a massive need in the marketplace for a more empowering self-publishing solution than the current options available. After requests from hundreds of authors to provide a personalized self-publishing service, Verbii was born...

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Got Questions? Our amazing team is here for you!

Whether you need help before or after your Verbii publishing journey, we're here to serve you! Send us a message at any time and We'll get back to you as soon possible!

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